Alluma has long been a leader in providing internship opportunities to students wishing to develop their skills in a community mental health setting. By including student interns on our team, both our clients and staff benefit from the fresh, new ideas students bring from their academic environment. We believe we are shaping the next generation of leaders in mental health and substance use care. Our veteran staff helps foster a passion for team-based, community-focused, and person-centered care.

Alluma typically provides internships for students in social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, addiction counseling, and advanced practice psychiatric nursing. We offer career opportunities for students in Ph.D./PsyD programs (Clinical or Counseling) who have obtained their Master’s degree. We are not, at this time, an official internship site for Clinical or Counseling Ph.D./PsyD interns.

We are open to discussing internship possibilities from other disciplines. To request an internship, apply below.

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