July 2, 2021
Shining bright: The meaning behind Alluma

He keeps everything running in the background for Alluma. He helps put clients at ease by keeping their information safe and secure, ensuring that we communicate confidentially.

He also has a great laugh and thinks of people as the building blocks of a community, dependent on each other for strength.

“… people are the little bricks in every community. So, if they don’t take care of themselves, whatever we decide to build is never going to last. When you actually take the time to care for yourself, then you in turn are able to assist somebody else in taking care of themselves. And then … we are unbreakable.”

Meet Chinedu Nwachukwu, System Network Administrator for Alluma. He’s one of more than 150 employees who make up our Alluma family. When we started on the journey of changing our name, we knew the input of our employees was of utmost importance. We needed them to live it and believe in it.

The name Northwestern Mental Health Center served us well for almost 60 years. But our clients’ needs have changed over time, and we believe our new name is a better description of who we are, the people we support, and our vision for the future.

We combined the words “all” and the Latin term for light, “luma,” to create a new word. Alluma means “everyone shines.”

Chinedu thinks of it as the sun shining on everyone.

“Alluma is kind of that piece of the sun where we want to shine on everyone to reassure them of who they are to get them to the mental state that they need to be [in] … Whatever we want to do, it is for our clients’ good,” he says.

Taking inspiration from light and nature, we chose clean, refreshing colors and looked at regional art and cultures to create a brand that conveys a soft, relaxing mood that nurtures growth and revitalization.

We still provide services in the same way as before. We just have updated signs, a new website, and some inspiring changes to our social spaces.

At our core, Alluma believes:

Extra mile included.

We go above and beyond to provide community-focused care that instills hope in our clients and team. We strive for excellence and are stewards of the communities we serve.

Judgement-free zone.

We’re here for everyone. No matter what you’re up against or what’s happened in the past, we’re here to listen and provide support toward individual wellbeing.

The truth heals.

Like a great mentor or teacher who impacted your life for the better, we’re approachable and understanding. We believe that honoring your truth fosters healing and recovery.

Rooted in research.

We’re dedicated to providing integrated, research-based care. We never stop training and learning to provide the best care with the best tools available today.

Humans helping humans.

Putting people first means getting out of our own way. We’re nimble and don’t let the status quo hold us back.

So, step into the light with us and foster your own wellbeing. We’re here for you like we’ve always been, ready to help each building block of our community so our castle stays strong.

Welcome to Alluma.