Adult Wellbeing Services

Mental health is part of overall health.

Prioritizing mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health. Alluma offers a wide range of adult services for the full spectrum of mental health care needs. No matter what you’re up against, we’re here to listen and provide support towards your wellbeing.

Counseling and Therapy

People seek therapy for various reasons, from coping with trauma and managing addiction to minimizing mental illness symptoms, such as depression or anxiety. Our providers meet you where you’re at and develop an individualized treatment plan focused on your unique needs and personal goals.

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Psychiatry Services

Research shows that mental illnesses and substance use disorders are treated most effectively with a combination of medication and therapy or rehabilitative services. The psychiatry team at Alluma works with you and your care team to understand the nature and extent of your mental and chemical health needs.

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Evaluations and Psychological Testing

Mental health and substance use evaluations, much like those completed for your physical health, help us understand and accurately diagnose clients and develop an individualized treatment plan. Because these evaluations are “snapshots” in time, it’s common to complete them annually and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan and goals.

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Community Support Programs

The purpose of Community Support Programs (CSP) is to assist individuals with serious and persistent mental illness to live successfully and independently in their own community. We provide a broad range of coordinated, trauma-informed services to meet each client’s needs, reduce symptoms, and promote recovery. Services may include independent living and social skills training, case management, crisis assistance, group services, community re-entry, and vocational support.

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

Adult rehabilitative mental health services (ARMHS) are designed for individuals experiencing significant mental health symptoms. Services focus on gaining independent living and community skills, coping and social skills, and personal and emotional adjustment when these abilities are impacted by the symptoms of mental illness. ARMHS uses a combination of individual, in-home, community-based, and group sessions to teach management and recovery skills.

To be eligible, individuals must be 18 or older, diagnosed with a severe mental illness, and have Medical Assistance or other insurance coverage with ARMHS services coverage.

Peer Support Services

Alluma’s certified peer support specialists are individuals who have received mental health or substance use services in the past and have been in recovery for at least two years. They provide nonclinical rehabilitative services designed to help clients discover their strengths and develop skills around wellbeing, personal responsibility, crisis planning, and self-advocacy.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted case management (TCM) provides person-centered care coordination for individuals diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental illness. Case managers help clients gain access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, and other necessary services related to the client’s mental health needs. We coordinate these services with mental health and substance use services to support overall wellbeing.

Care Coordination

The Care Coordinators at Alluma provide support and guidance to clients and their families to address all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing.

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Adult Service Providers
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