Evaluations and Psychological Testing

Where we see challenges, we see potential for positive outcomes.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to ask for help when we don’t understand or recognize the problem. A mental health professional uses evidence-based, trauma-informed practices to help you understand your symptoms. Then we provide treatment options and recommendations to achieve the best possible outcome for healing and overall wellbeing.

Comprehensive Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation is a clinical interview used to determine the current level of mental health functioning. Direct observation of the individual occurs to determine if the individual meets the criteria necessary for a mental health diagnosis. A mental health professional or clinical trainee with specialized training will conduct comprehensive evaluations.

Psychological Testing

Like most medical tests, psychological testing consists of a series of research-based tests and processes that assess social and emotional functioning, intellectual abilities, and behavioral patterns. Licensed psychologists use these “snapshots” to help us make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Psychiatric Evaluation

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is performed by a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner. The evaluation is used to diagnose and treat mental health illnesses for both children and adults.

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Substance Use Evaluation

Because every person’s recovery journey looks different, we begin by completing a comprehensive substance use evaluation to establish the type and severity of the chemical health diagnosis. The assessment allows the counselor to make appropriate treatment recommendations that address the client’s specific needs and goals.

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Evaluations and Psychological Testing Service Providers
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