Counseling and Therapy Services

With open arms and open minds, we’re here to help.

People seek counseling and therapy for various reasons, from coping with trauma and managing addiction to minimizing mental illness symptoms, such as depression or anxiety. Alluma offers therapy for all ages, from birth to 99+. Our providers develop an individualized treatment plan focused on your unique needs and personal goals.

Therapy that meets you where you’re at.

Most often, clients see a therapist at one of our outpatient clinics. However, our providers may work with clients in their home, school, a community setting, or even through virtual visits to meet clients wherever they are, depending on the comprehensive evaluation results.

Alluma also offers psychological testing, psychiatric evaluations, and substance use disorder assessments.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy gives clients a safe space to process their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors one-on-one with a trained therapist. Our team has experience supporting individuals of all ages. From early childhood specialists to providers who focus on older adults, we use age-appropriate therapeutic approaches to develop a treatment plan focused on your goals.

Some of the most common issues we work through during individual counseling may include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Life, work, and school transitions
  • Relationship struggles
  • Self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Divorce and separation
  • Grief and loss
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Depression
  • Family changes and dysfunction
  • Resilience and self-care
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Trauma
  • Loneliness
  • Domestic violence
  • Addiction and recovery

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful form of treatment. Typically, groups of roughly five to 20 individuals meet for an hour or two each week. Groups might target a specific topic, such as depression, addiction, or parenting. Other groups focus on learning skills to cope with or diminish symptoms of a mental illness.

Talking and listening to others offers perspective, connection, and healing. Often, you may feel like you’re the only one struggling – but you’re not. By seeing how others work through problems, you gain a valuable support network to learn strategies for coping with a difficult situation and making positive changes in your life.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers a safe space for couples to work through challenges and focus on healthy relationships. A therapist provides unbiased, professional guidance related to complex relationship topics such as grief, sex, affairs, family structure, co-parenting, and conflict resolution. Therapy can help couples through life transitions, such as couplehood to parenthood, or working through past traumas that affect your relationship. Regardless of the goal, Alluma provides therapy services for couples regardless of sexual orientation, religion, race, age, or marital status.

Family Therapy

Family dynamics are complicated. Families can benefit from therapy when experiencing a stressful life event such as the death of a loved one or a new addition to the family, relocation, financial hardships, or divorce. Alluma therapists work with family members to build trust, improve communication, create healthy boundaries, understand family patterns and dynamics, and reduce conflict.

Often, when one family member has a mental illness or substance use disorder, it impacts all family members. Family therapy sessions aim to improve family connections and help you understand one another better.

Alluma providers understand and honor the importance of culture and community in families’ lives. We also acknowledge that the term “family” does not always mean blood relatives. In therapy, family can mean the family you were born into, adopted by, loved by, or chosen by you. We focus on the strengths and values of the family to help you grow and heal.

Community-based Therapy

Alluma providers can provide psychotherapy and skills training services in the home, school, or another community environment. Community-based individual and family therapy offers a flexible, culturally competent option when coming into a clinic setting isn’t feasible or the most effective location for therapy and treatment.

To find out if you are eligible to receive services in your home, school, or another community setting, new clients can call 218-281-3940 to schedule a comprehensive assessment. Current Alluma clients should contact the same number and ask a member of our Access Team to request community-based services. Your mental health provider will review your file for eligibility based on insurance, medical necessity, and therapeutic appropriateness.

Substance Use Counseling

One-on-one counseling with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor is an option for adolescents and adults as a standalone service or in conjunction with other substance use services. Alluma providers work with individuals wherever they are in their recovery journey, providing judgment-free support. Following a comprehensive substance use disorder (SUD) assessment, our trained counselors will recommend appropriate treatment options depending on the type and severity of the disorder.

If a client needs a higher level of care, such as inpatient treatment, Alluma can refer clients to appropriate services in our region.

Co-occurring Disorders

When an individual is diagnosed with a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder, it is called a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Research indicates that about half of those who struggle with alcohol or substance use disorders will also develop at least one or more co-occurring mental health conditions in their lifetime. Alluma uses an integrated approach designed to address substance use disorders and mental health conditions together.

A treatment plan for someone experiencing co-occurring disorders may involve a medication management program, outpatient therapy, and regular group therapy.

Domestic Abuse Treatment Program

Alluma is here for everyone, no matter what has happened in the past. Our Domestic Abuse Treatment Program helps offenders address factors that contribute to the use of violence and learn healthy strategies for managing emotions without using force. We may also recommend individual therapy, couples or family therapy, or medication management services.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

When you include mental health services in your company benefits package, you’re not only improving the health and wellness of your employees. You’re also decreasing overall health care costs by reducing absenteeism, turnover, low productivity, and actual loss of life. Alluma’s Employee Assistance Program offers cost-effective mental health and substance use support to businesses and their employees.

Care Coordination

The Care Coordinators at Alluma provide support and guidance to clients and their families to address all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing.

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